Obama 2012: Post 1

Well I think he’s done a great job transforming our position from previous administration, all while dealing with these natural disasters. Imagine what more he could do with time and dedication from Congress. This time I want to get involved with the campaign effort and how my skills in International Politics paid off (my major at GSU). To start something up go sign up at www.BarackObama.com


FITTING ROOM at Wasteland, Melrose Ave.

Wasteland is a favorite boutique of mine with 4locations Burbank, Studio City, Hollywood, & Santa Monica , they feature new/lightly worn designer goods and vintage styles. I love clothing. I deal with it daily… & sometimes without it, don’t we all. Check out the gear.

I started with the fur vest jacket below. Even though its totally out of season in this region it made me feel like I was part bear, part wolf.

Forever loving silver.

“The tightest pants I’ve ever tried on” by American Apparel. FRONT.


These will lift me up an extra inch.

Sonya Rykiel, Escada, & somebodys wild west boots.

Marc Jacobs

Wanting the shoes on the right by Alexander Wang.

The next day in Belmont Shore. “Leather cut-off shorts” by ME. The cultural mid-drift was a little bit costume, but nonetheless cool.

The shirt I actually had on with the cut-offs.

I got this ring instead of the mid-drift.

Parallel Universes…other dimensions

Dimension – In mathematics and physics, the dimension of a space or object is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify each point within it. – Wikipedia

I think there’ s 10 of me living in different universes…have you ever felt like you were not really here, you know like when you’re stuck in a day dream or you’re in a dream state. What if these were forms of parallel universes?

 Parallel Universes [the 11th Dimension]

Ok I found dimensions 1-10! Sometimes it feels like some of these 3rd dimensional “creatures” haha,… are really flatlanders…its all in the mind, get out the box! This video gets kinda deep like trigga-nometry LOL…I got lost in different dimensions ova and ova.

So when you get down to it what do you really need to warp time and space and travel to other dimensions? Answer: Light, speed of light; and how do you accomplish that? …I can’t answer all your questions LOL…BUT all possibilities are contained within the 10th dimension.

Nature Sunday: Friendship Park

This morning I set out to exercise and got so much more. I went to Friendship Park in the mountains between Palos Verdes and San Pedro in the south bay of Los Angeles. This is true native land and it reminded me so much of when I used to explore on my bike as a kid, every summer in northern Michigan, take a look at the pics below.

I love being green!

I love being green!

Wait I Need Stretch!

Wait I Need Stretch!

On A Nature Jog, I should do a workout video! :)

On A Nature Jog, I should do a workout video! 🙂

I believe I can fly!

I believe I can fly!

Last stop habitat shop.

Last stop habitat shop. OK I'm tired great workout 🙂

More pics below.
the view