Places: My Grandpa from Grenada…

George Robertson. Born in New York by Grenadan parents who moved back to the Lower Antilles island soon after his birth. He grew up to age 18 there. Since Grenada is known for its tropical fertility and as a farming & crop land my grandfather spoke of how he cut sugar cane and tobacco leaves which Grenada mostly produced stock for most of the Cuban cigar industry. As an adult he had many accomplishments in military and career, his greatest as a managing engineer for Northrop Grumman in Long Island, NY and as engineer on the NASA Apollo 11 the first aircraft to land the moon and of course as a wonderful father and super grandpa. I was inspired the first time my grandmother showed me pictures from the launch in 1969, him and my grandmother were the only two of color in the picture. I began working on documentary and have met & corresponded with others who have connections to these & similar achievements. I can’t wait to move forward with this project especially. I will try and get the pictures up as well in the Photo Gallery soon.

My grandfather had the best accent and some hazel eyes. I dont have pics of him but below are his Grenadan parents. His dad was half Scottish and his mother half Indian.