Amber10 & DJ Smartiez 10 Minute Mix “Fly Blue Sky”

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This is a 10 Minute mix of limited quantity downloads complimentary for you! Performed by L.A. recording artist Amber Tennyson aka Amber 10, the grandaughter of Jazz composer/songwriter Bill Tennyson, Jr. who composed for John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Mathis & more. Mixed by Toronto’s own DJ SMARTIEZ who’s been in the mix with recording artist Mya and MTV former VJ Amanda DIva. Tracks by KUEE [Kulwinder Thandi], Los Digital [C.Williams], KLASH [Kelvin James], Amber10 [A. Tennyson]  [A. Tennyson]

Why “Fly Bue Sky”? a. its the beginning of outerspace b. people rarely stop and look at the sky c. its oxygen and water [H2O] d. all of the above

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Nature Sunday: Friendship Park

This morning I set out to exercise and got so much more. I went to Friendship Park in the mountains between Palos Verdes and San Pedro in the south bay of Los Angeles. This is true native land and it reminded me so much of when I used to explore on my bike as a kid, every summer in northern Michigan, take a look at the pics below.

I love being green!

I love being green!

Wait I Need Stretch!

Wait I Need Stretch!

On A Nature Jog, I should do a workout video! :)

On A Nature Jog, I should do a workout video! 🙂

I believe I can fly!

I believe I can fly!

Last stop habitat shop.

Last stop habitat shop. OK I'm tired great workout 🙂

More pics below.
the view

Laughing With, Not At You…

We all know Sammy Davis, Jr. He was a legend, but many don’t know he was also a child star and started tap dancing and performing at a very young age. I have lots of respect for him and his work, but I had to post this video it is so ridiculous! The brown bodysuit #1 was just out there, and #2 the supercalafrajalistic jumps were out of this world!